Noah Luna

[beauty in cacophony press]

Noah Luna is founder of BCP Music, a print shop and engraving house built specifically for the independent composer. Their services include: engraving, printing, binding, and shipping of sheet music, as well as graphic design (for custom covers, logos, web, etc.), Web Design, and musician contracting for independent composers.

beauty in cacophony press

BCP Music was founded in 2008 with a simple goal: providing quality engraving and print services at competitive prices. For years, composers have had to resort to print shops that are ignorant of the needs of musicians, but do not hesitate to overcharge for "special" services or require_oncelarge minimum orders for custom sizes. We strive for a quality of service that exceeds expectation by staffing our company entirely with musicians dedicated to assisting our fellow artists. And, the convenience of EVERY facility you require_oncebeing located in-house makes us a unique and invaluable asset to musicians everywhere. For more information about our services, qualifications, or samples of our engraving, printing, graphic design, or web design, visit